Our main objective is to offer high quality products, in order to fully meet the requirements of all interested parties and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Achieving of this goal keeps us competitive in our field of activity: design, development and manufacturing of brushless servomotors, position transducers resolver type, torque motors, linear motors, electromagnetic brakes and service for them.

For this purpose we intend to maintain operation of the Integrated Management System: Quality - Environment - Occupational Health and Safety, according to requirements of reference standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

Objectives in Quality Management field:

  • Maintaining and continual improvement of the Quality Management System operation;
  • Ensure that the customer requirements and expectations are met, by providing quality products;
  • Increasing of the personnel competency;
  • Keep under control and continual improvement of the processes in order to achieve performance and efficiency.

Objectives in Environmental Management field: 

  • Maintaining and continual improvement of the Environmental Management System operation;
  • Reducing of the environmental pollution;
  • Rhythmical waste valorization.

Objectives in Health and Safety Management field: 

  • Maintaining and continual improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System operation;
  • Evaluation of the risks associated to the activities whenever changes occur in processes, practices and resources;
  • Training, education and improvement of the employees skills in correlation with their tasks and with the risks they are exposed;
  • Continual improvement of the safety level at the work posts by measures that take into consideration the general preventing principles. 

To achieve this objectives, each of our employees must be fully aware of each own responsibility regarding the quality of work performed, the environmental protection and continually increasing of the safety of the workspaces. 

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